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Children of the Corn (Blu-ray) (Import)



Skräck från 1984 av Fritz Kiersch med Linda Hamilton och Peter Horton.

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Adapted from a popular Stephen King short story, the original CHILDREN OF THE CORN (1984) became one of the most successful of the legendary author's page-to-screen adaptations. This hit horror sickie headlines Linda Hamilton (THE TERMINATOR) and Peter Horton (TV's THIRTYSOMETHING) as a travelling couple who unwittingly become trapped in the fictional town of Gatlin, Nebraska, and find themselves stalked by a creepy clan of young cultists. No adult is allowed to survive in Gatlin or else, their prophecy predicts, the harvest will collapse. Suffice to say, all hell soon breaks loose (literally) and demonic entities ensure that Hamilton and her husband are in for a long night... Co-starring popular genre face Courtney Gains (THE 'BURBS) and given a malevolent mid-western touch by director Fritz Kiersch (TUFF TURF), CHILDREN OF THE CORN remains one of the most spine-tingling terror titles of the 1980s.

Originaltitel: Children of the corn
Text: Engelska
Ljud: Dolby Digital 5.1 (Engelska)
Bild:  1080p High Definition Widescreen 1.78:1
Format: Blu-ray Region B
Ursprungsland: ENgland (USA)
- THE LIFE, LEGACY AND LEGEND OF DONALD P BORCHERS - an intimate celebration of the career of one of B-movie lore's most unrecognised mavericks. The producer behind ANGEL, CHILDREN OF THE CORN, CRIMES OF PASSION, DOPPLEGANGER, TWO MOON JUNCTION, VAMP and many many more speaks about breaking the Hollywood mould. Joined by colleagues that include actor Corey Feldman (MEATBALLS 4), Concrete Blonde vocalist Johnette Napolitano, director Richard Wenk (VAMP), composer Jonathan Elias (CHILDREN OF THE CORN), effects artisr Kevin Kutchaver, stuntwoman Kathy Long and many more this is everything you need to know about life in the Hollywood indie-grinder and turning trash into treasure! (83 Mins)
Speltid: 92 min
TV-system: PAL
År: 1984
Distributör: 88 Films
Regi:  Fritz Kiersch
Courtney Gains
John Franklin
Linda Hamilton
Peter Horton
R.G. Armstrong
Robby Kiger

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