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Suspiria (Blu-ray) (Import)



Skräck från 1977 av Dario Argento med Jessica Harper och Stefania Casini.


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Dario Argento's masterpiece of Grand Guignol horror comes to video uncut and in widescreen for the first time, digitally remastered and with the pounding Goblin sountrack in hi-fi stereo. Hailed as the work of a genius at the height of his powers, Suspiria hits new peaks of terror through its stunning photography, eye-popping production design and terrifying atmosphere of dread and death.

Susy Banyon is an American ballet student, travelling to Germany to study at an exclusive Academy in the Black Forest. After one of the students and her friend are hideously murdered in the first of Argento's breathcatching set-piece killings. Susy discovers that the Academy has a bizarre history and, as the body count rises, she gets involved in a hideous labyrinth of murder, black magic and madness.

Utilising complex lighting systems, intense film processing techniques, wire-guided cameras and multi-layered music recording, Argento paints a masterpiece of terror on a technically impeccible canvas. Suspiria is a nerve-shredding assault on the senses! You have been warned!



Originaltitel: Suspiria
Text: -
Ljud: DTS 5.1 HD MA (Engelska)
Bild: 1080p High Definition Widescreen 2.35:1
Format: Region B
Ursprungsland: England (Italien)
- Documentary. Fear at 400 degrees - The cine-excess of Suspiria
- Audio commentary
- Suspiria perspectives
Speltid: 98 min
TV-system: PAL
År: 1977
Distributör: Nouveaux Pictures
Regi: Dario Argento
Jessica Harper
Stefania Casini
Flavio Bucci
Miguel Bose



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