Orders, Shipping, Returns and Payment


Persons under 18 years
To order, you should be at least 18 years. If you are under 18 years must guardian approve your order before it is made.


Orders to foreign countries
We want to alert you to orders to foreign countries can only be paid by credit card and the Swedish VAT is charged on all orders. All orders for abroad gathered ever served in all commissioned films in stock



Delivery of goods in stock are normally shipped within two business days after receipt of payment. We try to send as complete orders as possible, so therefore it may take a little longer on some goods out of stock! Products not in stock are sent, as soon as they are placed in storage! If an item is in stock, it is normal for each item is the time it takes for some goods are received again. The times are approximate!

Below are some around times:

  • Sweden (2-4 weekdays)
  • Europe (9-12 working days)
  • Rest of world (10-15 working days)

    No Management fees relating to the Komer Shipping fn addition to postage costs. Regarding the shipping, so is the postage cost 29: - including VAT (SEK) in Sweden, however, it is orders of 600 - including VAT (SEK) Delivery free. For other countries postage is based on the weight, also see our FAQ page . Your package will be sent at your own risk, but special care taken to protect fragile items.


Cash on Delivery
Orders in Sweden can also be sent by mail with cash on delivery fee of SEK 50 (postage) on each shipment we send to you (also on backorder). This fee applies when in addition to the total amount displayed in the shop.
For non-triggered delivery, we charge a handling fee of SEK 150.


Delivery times in Sweden
DVD-Shoppen has been his stock in Stockholm. Delivery of goods in stock are normally shipped within two business days after receipt of payment. The delivery time for letters is normally a weekday and on parcels 2-3 weekdays. Please note that the Post delivers mail on weekdays - not on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
If you would ordera product which is the final residue noted it and sent as soon as it is in stock again. If you order multiple products and one is over send the products are in stock immediately. The product / products that are shipped freight free end as soon as they are in stock again.


Delivery times for overseas
Orders for abroad are sent by registered letter class mail. This means that delivery time is normally 3-10 days and that the orders are downloaded to your local post office. If you order 7 or more products shipped your order by mail packages. Delivery time is normally 7-10 days.

Right of withdrawal and return policy

Distance and Doorstep Sales Act
DVD-Shoppen applys the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. Under the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act, customers have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days after you received the product and without specific reason. This does not apply if the seals are broken on audio or video recording or computer software.

In case of delay in delivery
You always have the right to cancel an order if you do not agree to a new proposed deadline for any delay.

If you have paid in advance and want to cancel an order due to a delayed delivery, or want to exercise your right, we pay the money back within 30 days.

To complain about a product, ask DVD-Shoppen first to obtain the correct return information. You can reach us at

Return policy
To exercise your right to contact the retailer's DVD-Shoppen, first to obtain the correct return information. You can reach us at .
If you use your right, you only pay the return shipping to us. DVD-Shoppen will refund the initial shipping fee to you as a customer and any imposed fees.

In cases of dispute
DVD-Shoppen follows Consumer Complaints Board's recommendations in case of dispute.


DVD-Shoppen prices subject to adjustments, involve an additional cost, final sales, inventory differences, technical problems, changes in technical specifications and any typographical errors on our side / ads. We reserve the right tothat some product pictures and product are not definitive. DVD-Shoppen reserves the right to cancel an order without referring to a specific reason. All rights to the movie trailers that are linked to external partners such as their respective studios. Movie Trailers reflects not always the version DVD or Blu-ray disc cover, but will serve only as a further indication of the fill feminine content! With careful to note that all our films do not have Swedish sound or subtitles. Most films are marked with (Import) lacks this, see the respective movie's "nformation specification" for further information or send us an email for more information!