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Macabre (Uncut) (Import)



Macabre (Uncut) (Import)
Skräck från 1980 av Lamberto Bava med Bernice Stegers och Stanko Molnar.

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Lamberto Bava directs this this stylish, darkly comic film about an incredibly disturbed young woman. Bernice Stegers stars as Jane, a young New Orleans mother who regularly spurns her children to spend her afternoons with her lover, Fred. However, desperate for attention, her daughter drowns her brother and calls Jane at her lover's to tell her about it. As Jane and Fred race to the house, they end up in a horrible car crash which decapitates Fred. After a year in an asylum, Jane returns to New Orleans and makes Fred's old apartment her own. Soon, the building's porter hears Jane carrying on a torrid affair, even though he never sees anyone enter or leave her apartment.

Inspired by actual events, this polished debut from Lamberto Bava, Macabre is a bizarre and stylish supernatural thriller.


Originaltitel: Macabro
Ljud: Dolby Stereo 2.0 (Engelska)
Bild: 16:9, 1.85:1
Format: DVD Region 2
Ursprungsland: England (Italien)
- Macabre and the Golden Age of Italian horror
- Trailer
- Picture gallery
- Intro from Bava
- 12 page booklet
Speltid: 89 min
TV-system: PAL
År: 1980
Distributör: Arrow Video
Regi: Lamberto Bava

Bernice Stegers
Stanko Molnar
Roberto Posse
Ferdinando Orlandi
Fernando Pannullo
Elisa Kadigia Bove
Carolyn De Fonseca
Veronica Zinny

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