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4 flies on a grey velvet (Blu-ray) (Import)



Skräck från 1971 av Dario Argento med Michael Brandon och Mimsy Farmer.

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Described by DVD Times as essential viewing , this final instalment in what is unofficially referred to as Argento s Animal Trilogy (following The Bird With The Crystal Plumage and The Cat O Nine Tails ) is a classic of the giallo genre, featuring music by Oscar-winning composer Ennio Morricone (The Untouchables; The Mission; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly) and starring Michael Brandon (Captain America: The First Avenger; Dempsey And Makepeace), Mimsy Farmer (The Black Cat; More), Jean-Pierre Marielle (Micmacs; The Da Vinci Code), Bud Spencer (They Call Me Trinity) and Francine Racette (Au Revoir Les Enfants; The Disappearance).
Going about his everyday life of band rehearsals and socialising with his wife, Nina (Farmer), and their hip friends, rock drummer Roberto Tobias (Brandon) notices he is constantly being followed by a strange man dressed in black. He decides to turn the tables on his stalker and follows him into an abandoned theatre, where a confrontation between the two ends with Roberto accidentally stabbing the man, who falls into the orchestra, apparently dead. Suddenly, a flash of light alerts Roberto to a figure in the upper wings of the theatre, where a mysterious person wearing a bizarre puppet mask and brandishing a camera has been taking photos of the fatal struggle. Roberto flees the scene, but the next day receives the dead man s ID card in the post. Naturally assuming it has been sent by the unknown witness, he becomes immediately concerned by the lack of any blackmail demands and is haunted by the question of what it is the masked figure wants from him. Roberto s fear and paranoia increase, and the mystery deepens, when his and Nina s housemaid is found murdered in a local park and it becomes apparent that an intruder has had access to their apartment.

Originaltitel: 4 mosche di velluto grigio
Text: Italienska
Ljud: Dolby Digital HD MA 2.0 (Engelska, Italienska)
Bild: 1080p High Definition Widescreen 
Format: Blu-ray Region B
Ursprungsland: Italien
- Trailer
- Argentos giallo movies
Speltid: 105 min
TV-system: PAL
År: 1971
Distributör: Cecchi Gori
Regi: Dario Argento
Michael Brandon
Mimsy Farmer
Jean-Pierre Marielle
Bud Spencer
Aldo Bufi Landi


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